Friday, 29 April 2016

The day of the wren

Yesterday's walk around my patch brought more wrens than I have ever seen in a day and what's more they were more in the open than usual, and higher up in the trees.  Here are three of them:


 There were seven herons in the local heronry, but only two nests as far as I can see.

I walked right up to this Kestrel and was only a few yards away before it flew off.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Braving the cold at Kilnsea Wetlands

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny morning but with a freezing cold wind and there was not a huge amount around.  Best of the few were about 28 avocets and apart from about a dozen Redshank, very little else.  However these beautiful birds made the visit worthwhile.


On leaving the hide I literally almost walked in to a Short Eared Owl. I had seen it earlier at a distance but as I walked along the path near the bank it flew out at head height when I was only about a yard away. I don't know who was the more surprised.

On the way home the weather changed for the worst but not before I came across this beautiful Yellowhammer. There seem to be more around than usual this year.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Wassand and beyond

Some photos from the last couple of weeks from Wassand in East Yorkshire to Bedford and London.

Buzzard at Wassand

 Marsh Harriers - male and female

 Wigeon in flight

 Tufted Duck in flight

 Ring Necked Parakeet - this one on Hampstead Heath but they are all over London

 Mistle Thrush in Highgate Woods

 Brimstone Butterfly in Bedford Cemetery - lots around

Muntjac - found this beauty in a small wood near Bedford